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IV Therapy  Athlete Boost

Athlete Boost IV $349


This treatment provides the body with essential nutrients, like restorative electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins to meet the needs of athletes preparing for competition.  Getting prepared for athletic competition is often more strenuous and prolonged than the competition itself.  This treatment will help your body to reach its peak preparation in time for the event.


It contains a blend of B-complex vitamins, B-12, B-5 and B-6, Vitamin C, and electrolytes including Calcium, magnesium, and potassium to help maximize muscle function.


Athlete Super Boost is also available, which adds more vitamins, amino acids, and an antioxidant to maximize your performance.

Vitamin Injections 

Vitamin B-12 $25

Vitamin D $25

Skinny Shot Lipo C Shot $30 

IV Therapy 

Rehydration $179 Add on additional liter $100

Myers Cocktail $199

Immune Boost $249

Super Immune Boost $329

Anti Stress $219

Energy Boost $249

Hangover $229

Migraine $249

Stomach Flu $249

Recovery $249

Athlete Boost $349

All Inclusive $349

Beauty $249

High Dose Vitamin C $229

Add On's

Glutathione Push Add On $55

Caffeine add on $25

NAD+ 500 mg $400

           700 mg $600

         1800 mg $800

+boost add $100 (vitamins and glutahione

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